Why MyLushLashes

Why Choose ours

These Ribbons are based on the concept of the superfine band ribbons. There are we believe only 2 companies who manufacture these exact type, which are known as handmade Faux Mink lashes, on a superfine band.  Choosing this type of lash is the perfect combination in these Ribbon type lashes, that will look good, and feel great when wearing, so it is near impossible to tell the difference between these lashes and professionally applied lash extensions.

The Ribbons will usually measure around 15-16cm in length and most people will get a minimum of 2.5 sets of lashes from one ribbon based on 4 to 5 segments per lash - although this will vary depending on your eye size & eye sharpe, as well as the look your wanting to create.   All Ribbon products that are advertised on this site for sale,  as well as both the Lash Adhesives, the sealer and remover are 100% Vegan Friendly.  

When we use the terms Creative, Imaginative and Desirable, these terms best describe what you can do with these ribbons. Shorter cut segments, longer cut segments, mixing of different styles and sizes, the possibilities are there for you to explore. Really you can do what you want. 

These ribbons can be apply under or on top of the lash. Under is the method that most people prefer.  For a more natural look, and better looking lashes is  to apply under your own lash with  either the ULTIMATE Lash Bond or CLEAR Lash Bond glues, which will keep your lashes in place for between 5 - 10 days, and in some well managed cases up to 14 days.

We have a vast range of various styles in these ribbons, with the majority of styles available in 4 different lengths:- 

10mm, 12mm, 14mm & 16mm.